Hygiene and food safety


From the arrival of the raw materials to the delivery of our products in your shop, we control the entire production line of our pastries.

Samplings are constantly tested for physical, organic and biological tests. Our internal analyses are re-doubled with external independent laboratories that guarantee the perfect food safety of all the Compagnie Pâtissière products.

Production site

Production is completely organized with respect to HACCP European Standards of hygiene and safety. Under application of IFS standards, we are submitted to constant controls and testing.

The air is controlled by an independent company. Tarts workshops are permanently maintained at 10 °C.

Workshops, machines, instruments are constantly cleaned so that we can guarantee the best bacteriological safety.

Automatized supervision

At last, our production is completely supervised by computers. Recipes are translated in nomenclatures strictly followed by the team. Every fabrication order is launched by computer and assures that the proper recipe and proper raw materials will be used. If needed, we are able in extremely short term, to identify the raw material or the delivered pastries we want to analyze.