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When it comes to adrenaline and speed, you can't beat the thrill of sand cars, dune buggies, street racers, or any custom racing vehicle. Whether competing for a prize or for the simple joy of it, this is a pastime many people dedicate their time and energy to for the fun of it.

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Sand Rail Chassis and Kits Plans Blueprints - Sand Rail Chassis and Kits / Plans / Blueprints for the DIY Perfectionist! You CAN have it your way when you do it yourself! Sometimes you need a little help getting started. These sand rail chassis plans

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Twister Sand Cars. The Buggy Shop is a world renown premiere sandrail manufacturer, service center and supplier. We carry a full selection of O.E. and aftermarket …

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Mid-Engine Sandrail Project 11-22-2010, 07:55 AM. Well after about 15 years of wanting to build a sandrail I finally pulled the trigger and commenced my build. I started with one that I purchased that was damaged/wrecked but had some nice parts on it. I cut about 90% of the original car away and fabricated basically an entire new chassis from 1 ...

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Sandrail conversion to Bus 002 Transaxle by admin on May.07, 2011, under sandrail This article describes how to convert a Sandrail from an swingaxle suspension to an IRS bug suspension.

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Many brands make sand rails, including Jeep and Subaru. The VW sand rail, however, stands out for its powerful engine, which has a special air cooling system, keeping the buggy from overheating. Although rugged, these sand rails eventually need repairs and maintenance, like your car.

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Sand Rail Kits. Sand Rail Parts. VW Sand Rail. Sand Rail Kit. Sand Rail Wheels. Sand Rail Seats. Sand Rail Pedals. 2005 Sand Rail - Dune Buggy - Street Rod - Custom Built - Rare - One of a Kind. ... 2003 Sandrail Mid-engine 2265. VW Sand rail mid-engine, Sand rail ONLY. Ready for the sand, runs excellent. UTD sticker and CA title.

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Oct 23, 2010· I have a V8 sandrail for sale. We built the chassis which is just tacked together right now. It needs to be welded completely. It is a roller and needs sand tires/wheels, plumbed, wired, and shocks. The chassis is setup for dual shocks at all four corners. It has a …


Monster Sand Rail Cars | Demon is the Ultimate Dune Buggy on the market. It comes fully equipped with a V8 EFI Engine, 5-speed Transaxle with Reverse, Manual Clutch, 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. V8 Engine, 5-Speed Transaxle

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Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Crank Motor kit 750w with Lithium ... Shop by Category. Bike Components & Parts. Bike Resistance Trainer Accessories. Bikes. 24V36V 350W ELECTRIC BICYCLE MID-DRIVE MOTOR KIT HIGH SPEED ELECTRIC SCOOTER DIY HOMEMADE ELECTRIC BIKE 24V 350W BRUSHED MOTOR. by L-faster.

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Clark's Corvair Parts, Inc. catalog lists parts and kits for many different performance applications other than just the stock engine configuration. Corvair motors are now being used in aiplanes and air boats with great success and reliability. The Corvair motor makes an …

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Mid-engine Subaru Powered Elva J15 Kit Car. This was originally designed for a transversely mounted drive-train. We fit and installed a J20 Subaru and needed systems to make it all function.

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The new motor even at a smaller displacement is worlds beyond than the old one. The new motor has one trip to Dumont on it for tuning and that was it so it is a fresh motor. the bad: The carbs need to be rejetted as the last motor that was on it was a 2180 prior to the swap.

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Welcome To JM4 Motorsports Specializing In High Performance Sand Rails And Off Road Vehicles. Superior craftsmanship, quality components, and advanced technologies allow us to deliver the best handling sand rails in the business.

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In the beginning there were dunebuggies, powered by VW, or bug motors, hence the name dune-buggy.For many years VW transaxles could handle the HP from these motors, upwards of 300HP. But in the mid 90's the popularity of 4 and 5 seat sandrails with long travel suspension created a huge demand for more horsepower.

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When it comes to adrenaline and speed, you can't beat the thrill of sand cars, dune buggies, street racers, or any custom racing vehicle. Whether competing for a prize or for the simple joy of it, this is a pastime many people dedicate their time and energy to for the fun of it.

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from Pacific Customs Unlimited your best source for Street, Off Road, Sandrail, Dune Buggy, Manx, Rock Crawler, Volksrod, or Mud Buggy VW Parts.

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Mid Engine Shifters Simply the best shifter money can buy for your mid-engine sand rail or dune buggy. If you're tired of cheap bar style linkage then this Brandwood mid-engine shifter is …

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Mid-Engine Two Seat Sand Car. With a LS1 and weighing in at 1900lbs., this two seat sand car has a great power-to-weight ratio. The mid-engine placement makes the car more balanced than typical rear engine sand cars.

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At Appletree Automotive, we have the right parts you need for your Volkswagen Air-Cooled, dune buggy or sand rail. Free Catalog and Free Shipping. Appletree Automotive is the one stop shop for classic VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Bus/ Type 2, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Thing Parts.

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Motorcycle Powered Sandrails. The demand for a quality motorcycle power plant to motivate a Sandrail has been remarkable. ... The engine is a Suzuki GSXR 1100 with a displacement of 1277cc's.

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Sand Rails . Two Seat Rails . Classic 290 ... Mid-Travel Rear . Berrien Buggy's rear mid travel conversion kit. This kit is designed to convert standard IRS Volkswagen rear suspension to a true off road rear suspension system. This kit provides 14" of rear wheel travel.

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Jan 16, 2012· I have a project kicking around in my head and it involves using a longitudinal mid-engine setup like you'd see in a GT40 replica or the Factory 5 GTM.

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4. LightningRods Mid Drive kit. This new kit uses the same motor as the GNG. It also uses the same basic configuration, with a quiet belted primary reduction in the high-RPM half of the drive, and a narrow and strong chain in the lower-RPM half of the drive.

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Berrien Buggy by Acme offers sandrails in wheelbases of 90", 95", 100", 105", 112", and 115". Another thing to consider is the wheel track width. Track width is the width of the suspension, measured from the centerline to centerline of the wheels.

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A sandrail, or sand rail, or rail, is a lightweight off-road motor vehicle specifically built for traveling in sandy terrain. Similar in some respects but often mistakenly referred to as a dune buggy or sand car, a sandrail is a different type of speciality vehicle. [1]

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TT427 Mid Engine Sandrail. Thumbnail Image Link: This is perfect for forums and other sites you may be on. Simply copy and paste the code provided and an image thumbnail of the video will be linked directly to this page so others can enjoy the video or photos.

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East Coast Sand Rails manufacturers custom sand car & dune buggie frames.

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Apr 01, 2015· just something so ebay buyers can hear it run ..

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